Enriched Air Diver

More bottom time

Minimum age: 15 yrs

Price on daytrip: 8 300 ฿

Price on liveaboard: 6 300 ฿

Duration: 1 day / 3 dives


PADI Nitrox course is recommended for everyone who wants the most out of their diving. Nitrox gas is basically normal air with a little bit more extra oxygen. Diving with it doesn't make you as tired and it gives you a lot more bottom time in depths from 20 - 30 meters. With Nitrox you can enjoy the best wrecks and walls in the underwater world a lot longer.

But beware that Nitrox is only for those who have the certification for it. There are risks with using Nitrox that you must learn before starting to use it. This course is easy and fast, we can do it in a couple of hours.
We offer two options for the course, on a daytrip or on a liveaboard.


The course starts with theory. You get to watch a video and read the text book. Then we will do some practical exercises, where You learn how to analyse Nitrox how to make correct settings to Your dive computer. Before get certified, You need to also pass final exam.

In the daytrip option you learn the theory and get 3 dives analysing and using Nitrox.

Doing the course on a liveaboard you learn the theory. You can also opt to dive with Nitrox but then you have to buy a Nitrox package for the trip (varies from 1 400 - 4 000 THB). 


Price on a day trip includes lunch and drinks, hotel transfers from Chalong, Kata, Karon and Patong, text book, certification fee, diving equipment for a day and NOSTE t-shirt.
If You do Your course during liveaboard, price includes text book, certification fee and NOSTE t-shirt. Liveaboard cost and transfers to Khao Lak are not included.

Want to do it? Contact us and let's get you Nitrox certified!