Beach Dive


The underwater world around Phuket's beaches is not quite as beautiful as on our main dive sites, but it has its own unique charms and surprises. On these dives we have seen schools of parrot fish, stingrays, eels and morays, lionfish, cuttlefish and octopus, dancing sweetlips, pipefish, black mantis shrimp, dozen different seas nails and many different crabs.

Fish eggs are usually carried around by currents, and a lot of them end up around shores. These are the main areas for juvenile fish to grow before the venture off to the blue. Beach dive is a good chance to see juveniles who have not yet transformed into different looking adult fish.

   •     No boat ride needed

   •     Recommended for beginners and photographers

   •     Depths 5 - 15 meters

   •     Visibility between 5 - 10 meters

A beach dive day does not start as early as the boat dive trips. You will get picked up around 9:00 and the day should be over around 14:00. Price includes hotel pickup form Rawai, Kata, Karon, Patong and Chalong, a lunch and drinks. Rental equipment for the day cost 500 THB. It is a good idea to bring normal socks with you if you are afraid the fins might hurt your feet.

A diving insurance is mandatory for all fun divers on daytrips. If you do not have a diving insurance (for example DAN, Aquamed etc.) you will have to buy one through us for 300 THB per day. This will cover treatment for all diving accidents up to 500 000 THB. We recommend buying your own diving insurance as most dive centers around the world do not provide one.

Payment is done by cash during the day. Companions can come along to snorkel or sunbath for free.

We recommend you bring at least your swimwear, sun lotion, sunglasses and a towel. 

In case you get sick and want to cancel the trip please inform us on the day before 17:00 the latest! After this we will have to charge you the full trip price. In these cases we can give you a note for your insurance company to retrieve lost expenses.

Please contact us if you wish to join our trips or if you have any questions!