Burma Myanmar Liveaboard


Myanmar is Thailand neighbor and many know it by its former name Burma. The southern parts of Myanmar are known as the Mergui archipelago which stretches out to border Thailand. These more than 800 islands hide a lot more marine life than Thai waters and offer almost uninhabited wild nature. It is no wonder that it also lures divers to explore it's secrets. Almost on every trip they still explore new dive sites.

Waters of Mergui are full of nutrients from the mainland rivers and thrive with life. As the water is normally also down to 25 - 27 degrees Celsius, coral and fish are here in abundance. We dare to say that in Myanmar you will see more fish and other aquatic life forms than in Thailand, but for the same reasons visibility is sometimes not as good. Nutritious currents also bring Manta rays and Whale sharks to this region.

On a Myanmar trip it's a good idea to keep your eye open on the horizon. Every now and then we see dolphins, whales, marlins, flying fish and different sort of rays jump on the surface.

This trip is suitable only for the experienced diver, minimum certification is AOWD.



Most southern site in Mergui is quite far from the mainland and offers great visibility with a lot to see. Rainbow colored coral walls and a 30 meter swim through tunnel inhabited by different crustaceans makes this one of the best night dives. In the early morning one might see whitetips or guitar sharks and especially in the last few years whale sharks have frequented this place. If you are more into macro then look carefully for may find harlequin shrimps, seahorses, frog fish and so on. This place has a lot to offer!

Depth: 5 - 25 meters

Visibility: 20 - 30 meters


Fields of anemones and soft coral cover the bottom around these islands where stonefish, cuttlefish and several species of morays are a commons sight. There is a small cave that got known as a resting place for nurse sharks decades ago but nowadays it is more probable to see big stingrays there. Lots of colorful sponges and an abundance of bait fish everywhere makes a day over here a delight. 

Depth: 5 - 25 meters

Visibility: 10 - 20 meters


Black Rock is the most distant dive site visited from Thailand. It is a huge black rock out in the sea, one can barely see anything else in the horizon except the sea. It is not a very beautiful place, mostly black or grey stone. But as it is the only shallow area within miles some corals do grow here and so do small fish. These fish specialize in cleaning and this brings eagle rays, sharks, marble stingrays, Manta rays and Whale shark here to enjoy themselves. You never know what you going to get! In the year 2013 a survey group was able to identify 28 different Mantas in one day at Black Rock!!

Depth: 5 - 65 meters

Visibility: 10 - 30 meters

HOW AND WHEN (2016 - 2017)

For a Myanmar safari there are 3 safe and frequent options, which do a trip once a month: the M/V Dolphin Queen, M/V Deep Andaman Queen and S/Y Diva Andaman. Through us you can buy a ticket for a fair price and experienced recommendations about how to prepare.

Diving in Myanmar costs literally dollars: a diving permit and a visa fee to enter Mergui is 230 USD per person. Everyone joining the trip must have this sum in cash in USD on the day of the departure and they will be collected by a Myanmar officer on the way. Also needed 2 passport pictures and a copy of your passport. Bookings must be made 3 weeks in advance due regulations of Myanmar officials.

These safaris usually start with a minibus ride in the morning as we pick you up from your hotel and head to the pier where the boat is waiting. First day is usually meant for traveling and paperwork. Your passport will be stamped out of Thailand. When we get back it is usual to get a 30 day stamp back to Thailand. For any questions about this please ask. EU or US citizens do not need any sort of special visas for this trip




Dolphin Queen is the budget choice for Myanmar. It was newly serviced and re-decorated in 2014. Maximum 20 divers. Food is mostly Thai with a very nice breakfast. Cabins are air conditioned and windows can be opened. Bathrooms are shared.

Boat departs from Kuraburi / Khao Lak. On the same day there is no diving but the next 5 days will be full of it. Returns back to Thailand around 10 in the morning. Price does not include a transfer from Phuket to Khao Lak but we can organize this for an extra fee.

Nitrox is available for an extra charge (2800 THB). Ask if you need rental equipment. Alcohol drinks are sold on the boat.

7 days / 22 dives

Merqui Archipelago + Black Rock

46 000 thb + 230 USD in 4 person main deck cabin
48 000 thb + 230 USD in 2 person main deck cabin
49 000 thb + 230 USD in 2 person upper deck cabin




Deep Andaman Queen is a massive steelhull luxury boat for 20 divers. Size also gives comfort as the cabins are large, the dive deck is huge and there's several soft places where to lounge. Cabins are air conditioned with a private bathroom. 

The trip is a combination with 5 days in Myanmar and 2 days in the best of Thailand; Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. In Myanmar the trip goes all the way to Black Rock.

The price excludes the Similan National Park fee (1 800 THB) which you will have to pay on the boat once we reach the National Park area in Thailand. Nitrox is available for an extra fee. Ask about rental equipment. Alcohol drinks are sold on the boat. Transfer from your hotel is included in the price. 


Similan, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock, Myanmar

59 500 THB in 4 person cabin
63 000 THB in 3 person cabin
68 250 THB in 2 person cabin
77 000  THB in 2 person Deluxe cabin
87 500 THB in 2 person Master cabin

1800 THB + 200 USD  National park fees and Visa fees will be added on top.




Diva Andaman is the greatest liveaboard boat on the Andaman Sea. This wooden schooner is like a floating 5 star hotel. For example the chefs are specialized in French kitchen and you will not see this kind of meals on any other boats. The cabins have air condition, own bathrooms and flat screen TV's in each one.

The Andaman Dive always visit the Burma Banks, being the only boat to go to these faraway open ocean pinnacles where you might see marble stingrays, nurse sharks, silvertip sharks, whitetips, dolphins and even whales!

Nitrox is available for an extra charge. Alcohol drinks are sold on board and a free bottle of champagne is included.

Free transfer from your hotel to the boat will be around 10 am. No diving on the first evening. The next days are diving days. 


Merqui Archipelago + Black Rock

98 440 THB + 250 USD in 2 person Luxury cabin.


Diving insurance is mandatory on liveaboards. It is best you get your own, for example DAN Europe and AquaMed offer excellent insurances for about 60 euros. They will cover you worldwide. If none of your insurances cover you for diving you will have to buy a local diving insurance through us for 300 THB per day. This covers you for any diving accident treatment costs up to 500 000 THB.


You can send a request for booking with our contact form or via e-mail. When we have agreed on everything and confirmed your booking, we will send you our payment information. Within a week a 30% reservation fee must be paid, and 45 days before the trip the whole amount must be paid.

NOSTE Dive Center is an agent for all these boats and we do not run a boat of our own. We do sell cabin places for all these diving safaris. For big groups or divers who wish to have private guiding we will send our own experienced Similan guide.

The payment will be fully returned if the safari gets cancelled. If the diver chooses to cancel the trip none of the funds will be returned. If a cancellation is done do to a sickness or an accident we can make a full report for your travel insurance company to help you claim.