The Similan Islands have been world famous diving destinations for decades. The waters around these distant islands are amazingly clear and aquatic life very diverse. The paradise like islands are like straight off a postcard and you also get to visit these pristine beaches. One of the best things about these trips is the everyday changing environment. You get to dive among granite boulders, deep pinnacles, limestone walls, soft and hard coral reefs and wrecks.

All the dive sites lay northwest from Phuket and can be described as Thailand northern sea-area. Every site belongs to a Marine National Park where fishing is forbidden. In wintertime from November till April the seas are calmest and the area is open for diving. During summertime from May until November the area is closed due to the monsoon season.

If you wish to embark on one of our Similan trips please contact us and we can together find the best deal for you!



Nine islands with dozens of dive sites. Similans are not so famous for their coral, but for their boulders. Huge granite formations with canyons and swim troughs make these sites memorable. And it just can't be stated enough, the visibility on some of the sites is outstanding - where else can you see sunlight play around in the bottom at 30 meters? Several of the dive sites offer a good chance to see reef sharks and turtles, others have frogfish or ribbon eels inhabiting them. You also get to visit the beaches and viewpoints of some of the stunning islands.

Depth: 5 - 50 meters
Visibility: 20 - 40 meters


Favourite dive sites for many, the islands of Koh Bon and Koh Tachai offer fantastic soft coral reefs and pinnacles with great chances to see Manta Rays or Whale sharks. Both destinations are known cleaning stations where big and small fish gather to have cleaner wrasse and bannerfish clean their wounds and remove their parasites. Other fish usually seen here are big groupers, napoleons, octopus, schools of jacks or barracudas and tunas. Especially snorkelers have a fair chance of seeing sharks.

Depth: 10 - 35 meters
Visibility: 20 -30 meters


The trip goes all way north to Surin Islands and to the most famous dive site in Thailand: Richelieu Rock. Named by Jacques Cousteau this horseshoe shaped rock formations is an oasis for fish in the middle of nothing. Filled with soft corals and anemones it is one of the most colorful dive sites there is. Macro life is abundant and fills cracks in the rock. Harlequin shrimps, seahorses, ghost and cleaner pipefish, egg cowries and slugs can be seen on one dive but we usually do at least three. There is big stuff like barracudas, jacks, cuttlefish, octopus, huge scorpion fish and then there is the truly big animals - Richelieu Rock is best known for its Whale shark sightings!

Depth: 5 - 30 meters
Visibility: 20 - 30 meters


On a Similan safari we usually dive at least one wreck but there are a few. Boonsung is the most common one as it thrives with life and is not very deep. Sea Chart 1 is a big cargo ship that sunk in 2009. It is still in one piece but quite deep in 30+ meters. Tuna Wreck is an old fishing vessel sunk on purpose for the divers to explore.

Visibility: 10 - 20 meters



From Phuket there are dozens of liveaboard trips to this destination. In no case do we ever recommend doing a daytrip to the Similans, because it will be a long and an expensive day - and you will miss out on the best sites. So please reserve at least 3 - 4 days for this destination and you will get to dive in the best sites in Thailand.

Safaris depart every week - almost every day! There are many different kinds of boats but all do almost the same spots. We have listed below the best options for different budgets and left out the boats that can be considered dangerous or uncomfortable. This way you get the best and don't need to rely on luck!

Similan safari starts in the afternoon around 15:00 from Phuket (or 18:00 from Khao Lak) when you get picked up from your hotel and taken to the boat (Tablamu Pier). On board you will be given a cabin and it's time to have an equipment check. We will depart after a welcoming speech and a boat briefing. Every day several tasty meals are served mixing western and Thai kitchen. Between dives you can relax in your cool cabin or catch some sun on the hot sundeck. In the evening it's time to exchange diving stories!

Below You can find all our trips listed with prices. All prices are in Thai baht per one customer. Marine park fees are separate after the safari price, and Marin park fees are paid by cash in the boat at departure day. There might be some extra charges for transportation between Phuket and Khao Lak.

Easiest way to book a trip is by contacting us directly. Please see what boats and luxury we have for different budgets and tell us when would you like to go and what kind of cabin you want and we will come up with our recommendations and the best offer available!


Camic similanM/V Camic master cabin
andaman_tritan_mastercabin_650_350.jpgM/V Andaman Tritan Upper deck cabin
Camic SimilanM/V Camic twin cabin
doublebed_Similan_explorer_650_350.jpgM/V Similan Explorer Double Cabin
Dolphin_Queen.jpgM/V Dolphin Queen



The most affordable way to visit Similans is with these 3 STAR vessels. The wooden boats have roamed the Andaman Sea for years and we have chosen the safest and best maintained ones so you don't need to hassle. 

The boats accommodate up to 20 divers. On the top deck there is a sunbathing area, on the middle deck a lounge and dive deck in the bottom. Food served three times a day is mostly Thai food but it is a plenty.

The cabins are clean and air conditioned and you have a choice of twin bed or double bed. The shower rooms and toilets are shared with everyone but there are many. Tell us which cabin you prefer.

3 days / 10 dives:

Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock,
M/V Similan Explorer

16 800 thb + 1 600 thb in 4 person cabins
18 100 thb + 1 600 thb in 2 person lower deck cabins, twin
19 100 thb + 1 600 thb in 2 person upper deck cabins, double

4 days / 14 - 15 dives:

Similan, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock
M/V Camic, M/V Andaman Tritan, M/V Dolphin Queen   

19 800 thb + 1 800 thb in 4 person cabin, Dolphin Queen
22 800 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Main deck cabin, Dolphin Queen
23 800 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Upper deck cabin, Dolphin Queen

25 100 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person cabins, Camic
27 100 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Master cabins, Camic

24 500 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Lower deck cabins, Andaman Tritan
26 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Upper deck cabins, Andaman Tritan
29 500 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Deluxe cabins, Andaman Tritan
32 500 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Deluxe Master cabins, Andaman Tritan

5 days/ 18 -19 dives:

Similan, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock
M/V Camic, M/V Similan Explorer, M/V Dolpin Queen

24 500 thb + 2 000 thb in 4 person cabins, Similan Explorer and Dolphin Queen
27 900 thb + 2 000 thb in 2 person Lower deck twin or double cabin, Similan Explorer and Dolphin Queen
28 900 thb + 2 000 thb in 2 person Upper deck double cabin , Similan Explorer and Dolphin Queen

28 400 thb + 2000 thb in 2 person twin cabins, Camic
30 400 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Master cabins, Camic

Bavaria SimilanM/V Bavaria Deluxe double cabin
Bavaria twin cabinM/V Bavaria Comfort twin cabin
Bavaria relaxM/V Bavaria sundeck


The MV Bavaria was built in 2016 in Thailand according to the latest marine and safety standards. Based on its 15 years of experience, the ship was designed by divers for divers. It has all the amenities that a safari boat must have. All guests are accommodated in comfortable cabins with air conditioning. The ship has 2 standard cabins on the upper deck, 6 Comfort twin cabins with private bath / WC on the main deck, 2 Comfort cabins with double bed and private bath / WC in the lower deck (these are also offered as a single room) and 2 Deluxe cabins large double bed and private bath / WC on the main deck. The maximum number of guests is 24.

3 days / 10 dives:


22 100 THB + 1 100 THB / 2hh hytissä
23 200 THB + 1 100 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (double)
24 200 THB + 1 100 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (twin)
26 200 THB + 1 100 THB / 2hh Deluxe Master hytissä (double)

4 days / 13 dives


29 200 THB + 2 300 THB / 2hh hytissä
30 700 THB + 2 300 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (double)
31 800 THB + 2 300 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (twin)
34 500 THB + 2 300 THB / 2hh Deluxe Master hytissä (double)

7 days / 22 dives:

Super safari including full day at Richeliu Rock!


42 000 THB + 2 700 THB / 2hh hytissä
44 200 THB + 2 700 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (double)
46 100 THB + 2 700 THB / 2hh Comfort hytissä (twin)
50 200 THB + 2 700 THB / 2hh Deluxe Master hytissä (double)

Deep Andaman Queen cabinM/V Deep Andama Queen double cabin
Diverace_kattaus_650_350.jpgM/V Dive Race setting
Deep Andaman QueenM/V Deep Andaman Queen vessel



Large steel hull boats define our outstanding 4 STAR CLASS. These huge luxury boats don't rock so much as the lighter wooden boats. The dive deck cabins have more space and the service a lot better than you might expect on a safari. The best value liveaboard you can get!

Cabins have air conditions, own shower and toilet, there are also common showers in the divedeck. After the dives you are served with a warm towel or local sweet tea for a nice warmup. The food is excellent and there are multiple choices on each meal and even dessert. Give yourself a treat and choose a luxury liveaboard this time!

M/V Deep Andaman Queen will be full renovated during summer 2019 and for far we have only 3D photos of new vessel.

Transportation from Phuket is including the price.

4 days / 14 dives

Similan, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock

30 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 4 person cabins, Deep Andaman Queen
32 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 3 person cabins, Deep Andaman Queen
35 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person cabins, Deep Andaman Queen
40 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Deluxe cabins, Deep Andaman Queen
46 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Luxury cabins, Deep Andaman Queen
45 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person cabins, Dive Race
50 000 thb + 1 800 thb in 2 person Luxury cabins, Dive Race

SPECIAL TRIP M/V Deep Andaman Queen 8 days / 20-22 dives

Similan, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richeliu Rock, Myanmar

59 500 thb in 3 person cabins
63 000 thb in 3 person cabins
68 250 thb in 2 person cabins
77 000  thb in 2 person Deluxe cabins
87 500 thb in 2 person Luxury cabins

1 800 thb + 200 USD National park fees and Visa fees will be added on top.

DivaAndaman.jpgS/Y Diva Andaman
Diva_Andaman_kansi.jpgS/Y Diva Andaman's deck



Diva Andaman is the greatest liveaboard boat on the Andaman Sea. This wooden schooner is like a floating 5 star hotel. For example the chefs are specialized in French kitchen and you will not see this kind of meals on any other boats. The cabins have air condition, own bathrooms and flat screen TV's in each one.

On the safari you will also get to visit the islands and sail with full sails open (depending on the weather).

The price does not include the official National park fee (2 000 THB 6 days) which you will have to pay on the boat with cash once we enter the park area. Nitrox is available for extra charge. Alcohol drinks are sold on board and a free bottle of champagne per cabin is included.

Free transfer from your hotel to the boat will be around 18. No diving on the first evening. The next days are diving days. 

Departures every week from November to April.

Tell us when would you like to sail and we will come back to you with the options!


Similans, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richelieu Rock

94 160 THB + 2 000 THB National park fees in 2 person Luxury cabins.