Phuket is located on the Indian-Chinese export route and has originated as a safe harbor that provides protection from the winds of southeastern China. According to one theory, Phuket is named Malay's Bukit - which means a hill. On the other hand, on European maps, it was known for a long time as Junk Ceylon, named after a Portuguese Fernão Mendes Pinton.

Since the 16th century, Phuket has been a major producer of tin and since the 17th century, production has continued to grow as European and Chinese merchant ships traveled to Phuket to buy tin. As a result, Phuket has a strong Chinese Thai heritage and its capital, Phuket Town, is famous for its Sino-Portuguese buildings.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Phuket's main business has been rubber tree plantations and, with the airport built in the mid-1970s, brought with it tourism.


Direct flights from several destinations to Phuket and many daily flights to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok and other major Asian cities make it easy to get here. The island is connected to the mainland by a large bridge, so Phuket can also be reached by land from all over Thailand.



Phuket's tropical beautiful island is located in the middle of Thailand's west coast and is the best place to start or continue diving activities due to its location. Diving equipment is easy to acquire, rent and service on the island.

The Andaman Sea in front of Phuket is warm and includes many world-class dive sites. They see both magnificent coral-filled landscapes and great seafood. Mantas and Whale Sharks have been a common sight in recent years as well as Turtles and Leopard Sharks.

From Phuket, you can dive into nearby destinations with day trips or you can osallistua on diving safari, stay on board and dive around the clock. Safaris will reach the more distant objects which are too far for day trips.

All our dives are decompression dives, and we always follow general, and computer-specific security rules. The maximum length of the dives is about 50-60 minutes / 50 bar and the maximum depth is according to the diver's rating.



The temperature of the submerged water ranges from 27 to 30 degrees, and usually 3 mm with a short wet suit or just with shorts and a shirt to dive well. Visibility under water varies by subject, at worst it is about 10 meters (beaches) and at best 40 meters (Similan). During Burma or Myanmar trips, the temperature may drop to 25 degrees and we recommend a 5 mm wet suit as well as a hood.

Several dive sites have currents that vary with the time of day. When the tide is at its lowest or at its highest, the currents stop and during these times we try to dive. It is rarely necessary to fight against currents during dives, but they are usually enjoyed with a stream of relaxed flow.

There are no fish that are dangerous to humans in the sea. No fish will attack the diver unless they are harassed. For example, sharks or octopuses do not have to be afraid. Small dams (Damselfish) may become harmless if the diver stops too close to their circle. Adult Triggerfish will be pushed and even bitten during the nesting season if you happen to swim just over the nest. This is also easy to avoid by twisting the nest.

Painful spikes in pain are present in colorful wings (Lionfish and Scorpionfish) and a few coral burns, if applicable (like Fire Coral). The most important diving rules in Thailand are respect for nature - no living underwater can be touched.


Phuket is a huge island with many different areas where hotels are built. Tourists usually settle in tourist areas near the beaches, such as Kata, Karon, Patong, Rawai or Chalong. From these areas, we will get you free for our excursions.


Kata and Karon are two beaches of the same style. Both have a long beach and there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, activities, events and activities. These areas are suitable for the whole family. Patong is the island's most famous and largest beach area, which is also known for its nightlife. Patong offers great shopping opportunities in large shopping malls.


Chalong Bay is the area most favored by divers because most of all day-trip ships leave here. There are several shops selling diving equipment in the area. You can eg. make a suitable wet suit or lenses for your mask. Many also find the best bars and steam baths in the area. Rawai is very similar to Chalong and just a short drive away. If you just want to dive, then stay in the Chalong area. Ask us for tips on accommodation and discount vouchers for equipment stores!


The only town on the island is a typical Thai settlement, where you will find a small old town of colonialism. There are also many shopping centers in the city (Phuket Plaza, Central Festival, Robinson and local Super Super Cheap), bus station and cheap hostels.


Kamala, Surin, Laguna aka Bang Tao, Nai Yang and Mai Khao are a bit more distant beaches in the north of Phuket and, unfortunately, so far away that we have to charge an extra fee for day trips. These beaches have many resorts with full board.

In total, Phuket has over thirty beaches, some of them almost deserted, so there's definitely a paradise for everyone here.

Kata, Karon and Patong from Kata viewpoint
Old Town, Phuket

rent a car or motorbike

In Thailand, a valid driving license is required, just like in the rest of the world. The national driving license is not valid as such, but it must be accompanied by an international driving license.

Nearly all Thai motorcycles and scooters are 110-125 cubic meters, so officially a motorcycle lisence is required to drive them.
When planning to rent a vehicle in Thailand, please note that there is a left-hand traffic here.

We are able to help you with your accommodation, rent a car or motorcycle / scooter through our reliable partners. Ask more.



Christmas does not appear anywhere in Thailand because the locals do not spend it, but in many foreign-owned restaurants and resorts, Christmas meals are held on Christmas Eve 24.12. or English on Christmas Day 25.12.

New Year's Day is a great celebration around Phuket, and at midnight the sky is firing more rockets than you could imagine. In bars and especially in the island's entertainment center Patong, the journey is crisp. In fact, the New Year is celebrated three times in Thailand, as the Chinese New Year and Thailand's New Year, Songkran, are also big parties here.

The Chinese New Year takes place between January and February and is traditionally celebrated for four days. During the Chinese New Year, the Chalong Temple has big celebrations that last more than a week, and it's worth visiting!

Thailand's New Year, Songkran, more in the next paragraph.


The biggest celebration of the year in Thailand is definitely the waterfalls Songkran, which, according to old thinking, celebrate the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. The event is always on April 13th and will be celebrated during the day in Phuket - although the celebration will start on Patong Beach the day before, and often continues for several days.

In the bright time of Songkran, everyone is going to get wet. The water guns are singing and the music plays on people's dancing in the street. Known as the World's Largest Water War, the celebration is at its best a thrilling event where good parties can be found from here, and smiles are not guaranteed to flourish. If you are at this time in Phuket, please contact us and you are welcome to join our festive ring of the best places!

Even Santa Claus is a diver
Noste Songran Team
Muraali_650_440.jpgSO Phuket's mural in Kathu
vege.jpgVegetarian Festival
loykrathong_650_440.jpgLights of Loi Krathong


The Kathu Street Culture Festival is celebrated in July and is an interesting event that is more local than anything else.

The festival takes over the center of Kathu for the weekend and includes (of course) great food, processions, several stages with performances and street art. Worth to have a look for the small courtyards, where you can find a free outdoor movie theater with tea. Traditionally, a new mural has been announced at this festival by the so-called Graffiti artist group So Phuket.


One of Phuket's major celebrations is the Vegetarian Festival, which will be next time celebrated on September 28th - October 7th 2019.

The original background of the celebration is obscured, but the story tells of its origin in the Chinese theater club, which became ill with malaria while traveling around Phuket. They decided to take the vegetable diet and pray for the nine imperial kings to heal.

Vegetarian festivals include spectacular processions, walking with hot charcoal and some even brutal performances with piercings. Look at the festival with yellow flags, with Thai and Chinese people as a sign of tasty vegetarian food.


Loi Krathong, a celebration of lights, is a beautiful November event and a sign that the winds are turning and the sea is getting calm.

Thanks to this heaven, hundreds of flying lanterns will be sent and gifts will be given to the gods of the sea. There are dozens of small food stalls and a platform for local performers to play on the public venues such as Chalong Harbor.

There is no better way to get to know local culture. This usually begins with a dive time.



Every weekend, close to the Central Festival shopping center, there is a big market event called Weekend Market. This locally popular event is one of the most interesting sights on the island, and there are more than a hundred different local dishes, Mojitos and all kinds of stuff and offers.
Open every Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 until 22:00.


Thalang Road, in the old town of Phuket, turns into a promenade and night market on Sundays and is definitely worth a visit. It is focused on local crafts and art. Of course, the market also has good food and musical performances. At the same visit, you should also walk through the nearby streets and find the magnificent murals of the graffiti artist group So Phuket. Open on Sundays from 16:00 until 22:00.


Big Buddha on the top of a hill between Kata and Chalong is a sight that can be seen far. Big Buddha is a temple area that is still being built and definitely worth a visit. Visiting is free, and the views are beautiful. It is advisable to schedule a visit at sunset and stop to enjoy it when you come to the vantage points.

Wat Chalong, Chalong Temple, is Phuket's largest and most important temple area. There are several beautiful buildings in the temple area to admire. The most peaceful time there is during the day and the visit is nice to combine with Big Buddha, first the temple and then the Big Buddha.

The Chalong Temple hosts a big 10-day event every year during the Chinese New Year. Then there are food stalls, funfair machines, clothing stalls and local handicrafts as well as a large stage with performances.

Although these areas are very informal, please remember to respect religion and dress conservatively on shoulder and knee-covering, non-translucent clothes.


There are several waterfalls in Phuket that can be easily reached. One of the most popular among the locals is the Kathu waterfall, which can also be used for swimming. The stairs leading up to the top of the waterfall are easy to walk, and you do not need to walk on slippery muddy paths.
The waterfall has the famous Kathu sauna, which we recommend to visit at the same time.


If there is a rainy day for your holiday, you shouldn't worry about it. You can spend it at the Phuket Mining Museum, a fun 3D museum or, for example, a special Upside down house where everything is upside down.


In Phuket, besides diving, you can practice kayaking, stand up baddleboarding, karting, paintball, kiteboarding, paragliding, horseback riding, golf, surfing in the summer, jungle tours, cultural sights, partying, food tourism, shopping, relaxing and whatever! So there are plenty of opportunities, welcome to find your own favourites! Phuket is also a popular destination for sports travellers. Phuket has top gyms and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is a really popular training type here.

nightmarket_650_440.jpgPhuket Weekend Market
BigBuddha_650_440.jpgBig Buddha in Chalong
Kathu_waterfall_650_440.jpgStairs leading to Kathu Waterfall
TRICKY.jpg3 D Museum in Phuket Town